Our approach (Basic principles)


Our main goal is to become the Customer ally in a key period for its business, maintaining a fluid relationship providing information and advice with high strategic and organisational value.

All projects are analysed and reviewed by the team of consultants with the Customer. The ideas and solutions provided jointly contribute to enrich the content of the work and to close the projects successfully.


We conduct our business with integrity and the respect of the ethical standards of personal and professional conduct reflected in our corporate responsibility code.


Our independence and the fact that our partners have extensive business experience is an added value in terms of the ability to understand and solve customer problems , as well as the flexibility to suit its style, culture and ways of doing.


Getting a flawless execution in all phases of each project and its impact in customer success is our daily concern .

Sense of urgency

The specialization and industry knowledge help us to meet the time frames required by the Customer, without compromising to the thoroughness in the execution and the quality of the output.


Very structured, pragmatic and action oriented methodology. 

Multidisciplinary and integrated approach in all areas of the company.

Team approach in all projects, with direct relationship with the owners if necessary .

Assuming full responsibility and executive function, with empowerment.

The experience gained in similar situations helps us quickly understand the needs of managers, directors, shareholders and creditors.

Fast start up and decision-making.

Limited time frames, linked to therequired company period of change. 

Looking for measurable objectives and linking our fees to achievements.

Thorough, independent, rigorous and objective analysis of data. 

Often we identify problems / solutions that are not so obvious to those involved in the day-to-day problem management 

Extensive experience in crisis situations.

We introduce objectivity and realism in financial and business projections and credibility with third parties. 

We bring creativity to the particular case, contrasted with our experience in crisis situations. 

Professionalism in the opening and development of negotiations with customers, suppliers , banks , employees, shareholder groups , family branches , public administrations...